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Hearing damage from wearing headphones for a long time?

When Editor Lu wears headphones at home, family members are always worried that long-term use of headphones may have adverse effects on hearing. But will wearing headphones for a long time affect hearing? Many people cannot do without headphones in their daily lives. Whether they are exercising, listening to music, or participating in meetings, they may need to wear them for a long time, but they are worried that it will cause irreversible effects. Is there a balance between protecting ears and enjoying life? Now follow in the footsteps of editor Lu and let’s search together!

What Are The Effects Of Wearing Headphones For A Long Time?

  • Hearing loss

If you use headphones for a long time and your ears are continuously stimulated by sound, you will easily feel tired. In the Pan Sci pan-science article " Wearing headphones for a long time to listen to music, I feel that my hearing deteriorates before I get old ", scientific experiments can prove that the causes of hearing loss include nerve synapse loss and nerve myelin loss. Among them, nerve Synapse loss is linked to "excessive noise."

  • Ear canal infection or discomfort

If you use headphones for a long time, you not only have to worry about irreversible damage to your ears, but if the shape of the headphones does not match your ears, wearing them for a long time may cause ear discomfort. In-ear headphones, in particular, may increase the risk of ear canal infection due to long-term plugging of the ears and making the ear canals stuffy and moist.

  • Head pain

If you use headphones, if the headphone body is heavy, after long-term use, the head will not be able to bear its weight or the headphones will be too tight, which will cause problems such as clamping and head pain.

Not Suitable for Wearing Headphones for Long Periods of Time

Even if you are not listening, the convenient Bluetooth headphones can be easily worn on your ears anytime and anywhere and in standby mode. However, in some cases, Editor Lu recommends that you do not wear headphones:

  • While sleeping

Many people have the habit of swiping their mobile phones before going to bed, but remember to take off the earphones before closing your eyes and put them away to avoid pressing the earphones into your ears when sleeping on your side, which may cause injury, or the earphones may fall off during sleep, and if you accidentally eat them It can have serious consequences, so be sure to put your headphones away before going to bed.

  • Sensitive skin

If your skin is easily uncomfortable with silicone materials, try to avoid products containing silicone when purchasing. Most of the products that are usually made of silicone are in-ear headphones. If you really must use them, please avoid wearing them for a long time to avoid causing discomfort.

  • There is a wound in the ear

Most headphones are designed to be in contact with your ears. If you happen to have a wound on your ear, avoid wearing headphones during this period. You must fully recover before wearing them to avoid aggravating the ear wound.


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Avoid Wearing It For Long Periods Of Time!
Recommended 3 Ways To Wear Headphones Correctly

In daily life, we are always used to having headphones never leaving our ears. In order to avoid the above situation, everyone should develop good usage habits. Here are some suggestions shared by Editor Lu:

1. Avoid using “in-ear headphones”

People who usually use in-ear headphones often pursue better listening quality and can absorb all the sounds into their ears. However, if the playback volume is high and the sound pours into the ears, it may cause a lot of damage to the ears in the long run. , therefore Editor Lu recommends using "open-back headphones" for daily use of headphones. If the volume is too high, at least the sound will spill out instead of pouring into the ears.

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2. Pay attention to sound decibels

Usually when using headphones, if the sound is too loud, the volume will be turned down. However, after a while, you may get tired of the volume and start to turn the sound louder and louder. Editor Lu would like to ask everyone here, what is the definition of excessive volume? Bian Lu found that in online articles, most said that the total volume should not exceed 60%, but for Bian Lu, 60% is actually on the high side, and he usually falls within 30~40% of the total volume. In addition, when we are in a noisy environment, in order to hear the content in the headphones clearly, we will turn up the volume of the headphones, but this is actually very harmful to the ears.


3. Rest your ears regularly

As mentioned above, hearing loss is closely related to long-term exposure to excessive noise. Therefore, as headphone users, we need to liberate our ears regularly, give our ears a rest, and avoid receiving sound continuously for a long time. Calming down is also a way to take care of your ears.

In addition to the above three points, as the issue of hearing loss has attracted more and more attention recently, Editor Lu recently discovered that the audiologist "Hearing Princess" has her own YouTube channel. Follow her footsteps and you will be like Editor Lu. Usually, you will pay attention to your hearing condition and give your ears the best care!

Don’t Worry About Wearing Headphones For A Long Time!
Recommended Glasses With Sound

It’s time again for Editor Lu to sincerely recommend! Since you mentioned choosing "open headphones", don't miss the Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses exclusively launched by VENOUS. The Bluetooth headset device itself is grafted onto the temples, so the sound is emitted above the ears. There is no need to worry about all the sound being injected into the ears when the volume is too loud. It also uses a "magnetic battery" device, so when the headphones run out of power, Just take off the battery and replace it. Isn’t it very convenient?

Lightweight and comfortable, a good choice – Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses

The core concept of Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses lies in the "ear-proof" design, which is specially designed for sports enthusiasts. When users perform outdoor sports, such as jogging along the road, they can listen to music and hear the sounds of the surrounding environment clearly, which reduces safety risks during outdoor sports. Its uniqueness does not stop there. The product is also equipped with V+ technology. The directional conduction technology can use the directional characteristics of sound to concentrate the sound from the bottom of the earphones and directly to the inside of the ear, ensuring the privacy of the sound and retaining it. The sound quality is so clear that users don’t have to worry about sound leakage.

The exclusive "magnetic battery" battery replacement technology is the first in the field of Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth glasses. It can effectively solve the problem of declining battery life of Bluetooth devices and users can only abandon the headphones. The design of lifestyle smart Bluetooth glasses is compatible with 90% of glasses on the market, and can be connected to wireless Bluetooth temples. Users do not have to worry about limited styles or earphones falling off. And the overall weight is not significantly different from ordinary glasses. While bringing convenience to daily life, it also adds comfort and practicality.

It’s better to take action now than to be tempted! If you are also worried about hearing problems that may arise from wearing headphones for a long time, Magic Palm’s lightweight and convenient Bluetooth glasses allow you to embrace an open listening experience and bring unlimited freedom to your ears. Go to the brand area to purchase now and discover more surprises and unique designs; if you want to know more about the product, you are also welcome to consult the service store and let us provide you with professional services.

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