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Are There Any Headphones That Won’t Hurt Your Ears?

In this high-tech era, Bluetooth headsets have obviously become one of the indispensable companions in people's daily lives. But the problem of earache when wearing headphones has always troubled everyone. If you want to have a pair of headphones that won’t hurt your ears, you must first understand what are the causes of ear pain? With the right selection method, you can easily enjoy the unlimited happiness brought by Bluetooth headsets. This time, we also recommend brand new smart Bluetooth glasses to everyone, which completely solves the problem of ear pain when wearing headphones, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of wearing Bluetooth headphones freely!

What Are The Causes Of Earache When Wearing Headphones?
Check Out These 3 Common Causes!

1. The headphone volume is too high

Prolonged use of headphones can lead to problems such as ear pain and tinnitus. In order to get a deeper understanding of their earphone usage, I would ask the other party to play music according to their usage habits. However, I found that the volume was 2 to 3 times higher than the normal listening volume. Some of them could even hear what the other party was listening to without having to pick up the earphones. Therefore, it can be found that if the volume is turned up too high, it may cause the eardrum to vibrate excessively, causing ear pain.

2. Wearing inappropriately

Usually headphone manufacturers can only design and manufacture based on the shape of most ears. However, everyone’s ear shape is not exactly the same, especially for Bluetooth headsets. In order to prevent the earphones from falling off easily, many earphones are always designed to find ways to make the earphones get stuck in certain structures of the ears. But for users, they still worry about the earphones falling off, and they always plug the earphones deeper. In addition, most earphones are not designed for individual ear shapes, which will cause ear discomfort after long-term use.

3. Inappropriate material

Among the headphones currently on the market, in order to pursue wearing comfort and skin-friendliness, many headphone manufacturers use "silicone" materials to fit the ears. However, silicone is usually made of three materials: "nickel, acrylate, and methacrylate." Among them, "acrylate and methacrylate" are the materials most likely to cause discomfort, so it may cause ear itching and pain.

What Should I Do If My Ears Hurt While Wearing Headphones? Is There Any Solution?

Basically, as long as you wear headphones, the above situation can happen. Especially since we have become accustomed to wearing it for a long time, since we cannot change our habits, we can only list the following five suggestions for prevention:

•  Volume adjustment is moderate

As an editor who has been using headphones for more than 10 years, I feel this very well. Friends around me are always curious about why Bian Lu often uses headphones but has no signs of hearing damage in his ears? Even when they speak at a lower volume, I can always hear it. Perhaps "appropriate volume" is Lu Bian's secret to maintaining hearing health! (When Editor Lu wears headphones to listen to music on a daily basis, the computer volume is between 10 and 20, and the mobile phone volume is between 30 and 40)

•  Headphone cleaning

In addition to the daily accumulation of dust in the earphones, the cute ears will always attach some of their own "products" to the earphones from time to time. Therefore, when dirt and bacteria accumulate inside the earphones to a certain amount, it may cause ear infection and discomfort, so the earphones must be cleaned regularly.

•  Remove headphones regularly

As an office worker, you must be very irritable at work, and it seems difficult to take off your headphones. And using non-open headphones makes your ears unable to breathe for a long time, which is indeed not a good thing. It is recommended that when leaving work, you should take off your headphones before doing other things, so that your ears can breathe.

•  Always pay attention to your ears

Look after your own ears! When you notice ear discomfort, you should observe the cause of the discomfort and make adjustments. If pain persists or worsens after adjustments, you should consult a doctor promptly to help resolve underlying health issues.

•  Choose the right headphones

As long as you need to wear headphones for a long time, you must find a pair of headphones that are very comfortable to wear. If you choose in-ear headphones, remember to try the ear caps provided by the manufacturer of the headphones one by one. Because the size of each ear cap is actually different, an ear cap that is too large will make the ears very stuffy, and because the silicone is kept close to the ear canal for a long time, a lot of earwax will be produced.

If the ear caps are too small, you may accidentally insert the earphones too deeply; if you wear them for a whole day, your ears will protest. If you choose open or semi-closed headphones, these headphones are usually designed according to the popular ear shape, so you can just follow the design of the headphones and fit them lightly when wearing them (during intense exercise, it may still cause earphones come off).

How To Choose Headphones That Won’t Hurt Your Ears?

In addition to adjusting your living habits, "choosing suitable headphones" is still the most important part of avoiding ear pain when wearing headphones. Among the headphones currently on the market, in addition to the ear caps of the in-ear headphones mentioned above, they will affect the comfort of wearing the headphones. If you are uncomfortable with silicone-related products, you will not be able to use this type of headphones, so you may consider "over-ear headphones" that have the same good sound quality as in-ear headphones.

But if you are a glasses wearer, you may feel uncomfortable because the "over-ear headphones" press against the temples of your ears. Here we particularly recommend the use of "open-back headphones". The product itself does not invade the ear canal, and only uses the ear structure to design the appearance of the headphones, allowing the headphones to "get stuck" in the ears. When wearing them, be careful not to force them into your ears. However, you still need to pay attention to the problem of "sound leakage" with open-back headphones!

Recommended headphones that won’t hurt your ears|Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses

"Bluetooth Glasses", what kind of magical product are these? In fact, lifestyle smart glasses are composed of "commercially available glasses" and VENOUS's exclusive patented "Wireless Earphone Glasses". In terms of ear comfort, this headset should be the most advanced design on the market. After all, combining a Bluetooth headset with glasses allows your ears to listen to music without any burden. Isn’t it great?

Comparison Of Differences Between Bluetooth Headsets VS Bluetooth Glasses


Wireless Earphone Glasses

General Bluetooth Glasses

Product Appearance

The design concept of "Wireless Earphone Glasses" is based on traditional Bluetooth headsets. However, because the product is used to "graft" glasses, the shape needs to meet the requirements of the spectacle temples, and the volume will be larger than ordinary Bluetooth headsets.

The appearance of the product is not much different from ordinary Bluetooth glasses. You can tell that they are glasses at a glance. However, the Bluetooth glasses currently on the market are limited by the frame shape. Most of them are formed in one piece, while others are framed. It is sold as a combination of face + Bluetooth temples.

Headphone Type

Wireless Earphone Glasses are "open air conduction headphones". The temples themselves are worn above the ears and are directional through sound transmission. Therefore, they incorporate "directional conduction" technology, so there is no need to worry about sound leakage.

Bluetooth location: Among the Bluetooth glasses currently on the market, most of them hide the Bluetooth device in the area between the eyes and ears, perhaps considering the problem of radio reception. But because it is not closest to the ear, when playing sound, a larger volume is required. In addition, the sound is directional, which indirectly allows others to hear the playback content.

Battery Replacement

Among all current Bluetooth headsets, due to the pursuit of wearing comfort, the battery is connected to the headset body. If the headset cannot store power, the headset must be discarded. However, "Wireless Earphone Glasses" have a dedicated battery area, so if the battery breaks, you can just replace it.

Like Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth glasses currently cannot be "battery swapped." However, if Bluetooth glasses cannot store electricity, they can still be used as ordinary glasses.


In fact, "Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses" are a "hybrid" of Bluetooth glasses and Bluetooth headphones. Not only does it inherit the interior of Bluetooth headsets and the appearance of Bluetooth glasses, it also has excellent self-optimization. Therefore, it has the product features of "painless battery replacement" and "magnetic battery". Do you also want a pair of headphones that won’t hurt your ears? Then go to the Magic Palm Brand Zone to shop and choose a pair of smart Bluetooth glasses that can help you solve your ear pain when wearing headphones!