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About Bluetooth Glasses

As long as you don’t understand something, you can find the answer here

Hearing damage from wearing headphones for a long time?

2024 / 03 / 29

Will wearing headphones for a long time affect your hearing? Many people cannot do without headphones in their daily lives. Whether they are exercising, listening to music, or participating in meetings, they may need to wear them for a long time. Is there a balance between protecting ears and enjoying life?

2024 Glasses Style Recommendations To Highlight Style

2024 / 03 / 12

Did you know that choosing the right style of glasses can modify your face shape? Glasses are not only a daily necessity, but also an important element of fashionable outfits. Matching the outfits can also make the overall look more sophisticated. Of course, whether it is a pair of glasses that boys or girls wear every day, they must be carefully selected...

Bluetooth Headphone Charging Manual: 3 FAQs

2024 / 03 / 05

Whether commuting or exercising, do you always like to wear Bluetooth headphones? Bluetooth headphones always accompany us intimately. But do you know the correct way to charge it? Correct charging method is the key to extending battery life. The editor of this article will tell you some common questions about charging...

Wearing Headphones At Work Looks Bad and Hurts Your Ears?

2024 / 02 / 16

Worried about wearing headphones at work and not looking good? I always worry about being caught by my boss wearing headphones at work. Based on discussions among netizens, this article has sorted out the advantages and disadvantages of wearing headphones at work.

2024 Transparency Mode Headphones Recommendation

2024 / 02 / 05

What is transparency mode? In the market of noise-canceling headphones, most products adopt an in-ear design, which usually achieves better results in isolating external noise. However, when you need to talk to someone, you need to take off the headphones to hear the outside sounds clearly...

Do Noise-canceling Headphones Harm Your Hearing?

2023 / 12 / 13

Have you ever heard that "wearing noisy headphones for a long time can damage your hearing"? In fact, this is an inaccurate and unobjective statement! Noise-canceling headphones not only allow people to hear beautiful music, but can even remove excess noise...

Are There Any Headphones That Won’t Hurt Your Ears?

2023 / 12 / 11

Want to own a pair of headphones that won’t hurt your ears? Then we must first understand what are the causes of ear pain? With the right selection method, you can easily enjoy the unlimited happiness brought by Bluetooth headsets.

What are open-back headphones?

2023 / 12 / 8

With the advancement of technology, there are many types of Bluetooth headsets ranging from closed to open headsets, each with its own characteristics. Among them, open-back headphones are favored by many music lovers because of their unique listening experience. If you still don’t know how to choose open-back headphones...

How to Use Bluetooth Headsets?

2023 / 12 / 6

"How to use Bluetooth headsets?" This is one of the questions often asked by many friends who are new to Bluetooth headsets. But don’t worry, it’s actually not difficult to learn to use Bluetooth headphones. Just learn the 3 simple steps of pairing, and you can start a relaxing and fun Bluetooth headset journey together!

What Is The Principle Of Air Conduction Headphones?

2023 / 11 / 21

Have you ever heard of "air conduction headphones"? Don’t know the difference between air conduction headphones and bone conduction headphones? If you also have the same questions, you might as well learn about it through this article!

Explore Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses, Create Fun Life for You

2023 / 08 / 25

In this era full of technological products, what Editor Lu wants to share today is the use of Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses, and introduces them into "basic entry-level functions" and "drawing inferences from one example"...

Open/Bone Conduction Headphone Market Trends in 2023

2023 / 08 / 21

According to the global personal smart audio device shipments report for the first quarter of 2023 released by Canalys, the global headphone market is gradually becoming saturated, and brand technological innovation and product features will become key competitive advantages in the future.

What You Must Know About the Safety of Headphones!

2023 / 07 / 14

Editor Lu compiled the points that he would give priority to when purchasing Bluetooth devices. You can sort these five points so that you can know the order of selection when purchasing related products in the future.

Free your ears and say SAY BYE BYE to the hearing impaired~

2023 / 07 / 14

Know what headphones you're currently using? How much do you know about headphone conduction technology? The following is compiled by Editor Lu based on relevant information, hoping to help you/you better understand the products you are using... 

Five Reasons to Tell You Why We Need a Pair of Bluetooth Glasses?

2023 / 07 / 14

As everyone needs to listen to various "sounds", shouldn't there be new technology to prevent you/your ears from being unhealthy? Here, in addition to sharing our latest product [Lifestyle Smart Glasses], we also tell you why you need it.