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What is Directional Audio?

When you go to an exhibition, have you ever encountered such a situation: when you get close to an exhibit, you can hear the explanation about the product, but when you walk to the next exhibit, the sound of the previous exhibit disappears? In fact, the speaker in the exhibition uses " Directional Audio " technology. This article will introduce directional audio technology to you.

What is Directional Audio? Directional Microphone VS Directional Speaker

Regarding the "directional conduction" technology of sound, it is usually divided into two categories: "picking up sound in a specific direction" and "transmitting sound in a specific direction", which are applied to microphones and speakers respectively. The differences, advantages and disadvantages of the two are discussed below:

👉 Directional Microphone VS Directional Speaker


Directional Microphone

Directional Speaker

Design Principles

Picks up sound from a specified direction and avoids picking up other noise.

Control the emission direction of sound waves to focus the sound in a specific direction.


  1. Strong sound isolation ability
  2. Good radio quality
  3. Convenient directional radio

  1. Reduce noise interference
  2. Improve sound clarity


Lower sensitivity to non-target sound sources

Limited coverage

Usage Scenarios

  1. Meeting discussion or phone call
  2. Live recording
  3. Film and television production

  1. Public broadcasting
  2. Museums and exhibitions

  3. Digital Advertising
  4. Personal audio equipment


Whether it is a directional microphone or a directional speaker, although it is technically more complex and more expensive than ordinary microphones and speakers, its application range is getting wider and wider. The following will introduce the current common products, types and applications.

Common Directional Microphone / Speaker Product Types and Applications

👉 Directional microphone

Although directional microphones pick up sounds in a specific direction, directional microphones are divided into "Omnidirectional", "Figure-of-8", "Cardioid", "Hypercardioid" and "Shotgun Microphone". Each type has different uses. ,  let the editor explain it!

• Omnidirectional

It can record sounds within a 360-degree range and is the only directional microphone with high sensitivity in all directions. However, if the environment is noisy, noise may be included. Magic Palm Smart Lifestyle Glasses use omnidirectional microphones. When participating in the past exhibition, people made direct phone calls to test the microphone effect. They all said that the human voice was clearer than expected. They must be very satisfied with Smart Lifestyle Glasses!

• Figure-of-8

Also known as "Bi-directional". It is mainly used to record sound from the front and rear ends of the microphone, while the left and right sides are less sensitive. As for the use situation, what comes to Editor Lu's mind is podcast interviews. The two are quite suitable for face-to-face interviews. Compared with omnidirectional microphones, When placing the location, you need to confirm the location of the sound source to be recorded to avoid not being able to record it.

The two microphones mentioned above can record sounds from more than two directions. The types of microphones introduced next are all unidirectional microphones:

• Cardioid & Hypercardioid

Cardioid pattern is the most common type of unidirectional microphone. Because the pickup range is like a heart, it is called cardioid pattern. It is mainly used in situations such as general speeches, singers singing, recording, etc. Hypercardioid has the same purpose as Cardioid, except that it collects sounds more concentratedly and slightly more sounds behind the microphone.

During a concert, because the scene is noisy, singers usually use monitor headphones to listen to the melody or their own voice. Therefore, the choice of microphone is particularly important. If the microphone records too much live sound, it will also be a problem for the singer. Cardioid and Hypercardioid A microphone is the best choice.

• Shotgun Microphone

This type of microphone is commonly found in shooting scenes. It picks up sound particularly clearly in front of the microphone. It is the microphone with the most significant directional effect among all directional microphones. Therefore, it is often used in open spaces, such as large sports stadiums, television and movie radio and other work.

👉 Directional speaker

The purpose of directional speakers is relatively single. The main purpose is to transmit sound to a specified direction. The principle used is to convert the audio into ultrasonic waves and transmit them in the form of sound beams. At present, directional speakers are mostly used in public spaces such as museums and exhibitions, but they are also suitable for home use. They will not disturb family members and do not need to wear headphones for a long time, which will increase the burden on the ears.

Directional Audio|Smart Lifestyle Glasses Recommended

Now that there are directional speakers, the rise of Open-ear Speakers has given birth to Directional Audio. Magic Palm Smart Lifestyle Glasses buries the speaker unit in the temple base and uses directional speaker conduction technology to concentrate sound to your ears in the form of a "sound beam", so you don't have to worry about sound leakage.

➝ Further Reading : " What are open-back headphones? "

👉 Magic Palm Smart Lifestyle Glasses

In order to solve the " problem of existing headphones ", VENOUS has spent many years developing Magic Palm lifestyle smart glasses. It has obtained patents in 22 countries around the world and multiple product certifications, aiming to provide you with a pair of " The Glasses that Made for You ".

Product Highlights

• Zero-contact : Designed using the concept of open-ear speakers, the headphones do not need to come into contact with your ears to listen to audio.

• Zero embarrassment : You can still listen to the surrounding environment when using headphones, and can handle both internal and external sounds with ease.

• Zero sound leakage : Using directional audio technology, the audio is concentratedly transmitted to the ears without worrying about sound leakage.

• Zero waiting : The industry's first replaceable earphones, providing four batteries, no need to wait for charging time.

➝ Highly Acclaimed: " 30+ KOL Usage Comments "

👉 Commercially available Bluetooth glasses VS Magic Palm Smart Lifestyle Glasses


Commercially available Bluetooth glasses

Magic Palm Smart Lifestyle Glasses

Concept of Design

1. Place the Bluetooth device between your eyes and ears.

2. Launched exclusive frame type, replaceable frame (according to the frame type provided by the manufacturer).

1. Place the Bluetooth device (Wireless Audio Temple Tips) above and behind your ears.

2. Set up a battery area where the battery can be removed and replaced.

3. The temples of wireless earphones can be grafted into any frame shape.


1. The technology and market are mature.

2. Some can be controlled by touch.

3. There is an APP that can be set according to your own preferences.

1. The battery can be replaced instantly.

2. You are not limited to the style of glasses, you can choose your own suitable frame type for grafting.

3. Intuitive operation, no manual required. 

4. True Bluetooth, surround sound design, can receive audio on one side. 

5. Cooperate with physical optical stores for more professional sales and after-sales service. 


1. The battery cannot be replaced. If there is no battery, you need to wait for charging time.

2. Some Bluetooth devices do not disconnect left and right.

3. There are no matching glasses stores, so you must find glasses by yourself. 

No APP, no redundant audio settings provided.


Smart Lifestyle Glasses are grafted using " Wireless Audio Temple Tips ", making glasses a good partner for a simple life.
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