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30+ KOL Usage Comments


Before the product came out, we invited many Instagram creators and bloggers to experience the product. Do the Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses meet the public’s expectations? Editor Lu shares real comments from about 30 creators we invited over the past year, hoping that you who are watching will have a better understanding of the product.

Business Headphones-Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses Product Highlights

1. Design Concept: Open Headphone Concept

The product adopts the appearance of glasses and combines the concept of "open headphones". It does not plug into your ears, allowing you to listen to music while still sensing the surrounding environmental sounds, thereby reducing the risk of outdoor activities.

➝ Further reading: What are open-back headphones?

2. Design equipped with: directional conduction technology

The directional speaker conduction technology is applied to the product, and through the directional transmission of sound, the sound is played from the bottom of the earphones directly to the ears, without worrying about sound leakage from the product.

3. Industry first: removable battery design

Currently, Bluetooth glasses on the market require you to take them off for charging, which is not friendly to glasses wearers. Therefore, VENOUS has developed a "removable" battery device that allows you to easily replace the battery, solving the problem of having to throw away the Bluetooth device when its battery life drops. point.

4. Innovative design: multiple grafting

90% of glasses on the market can be grafted with Bluetooth temples, so there is no need to worry about being restricted in the style of the glasses, and the overall weight is not significantly different from ordinary glasses.

➝ Further reading: A Must-have Bluetooth Glasses for Business People and Office Workers

Bluetooth Glasses Workplace Application

Based on the experience of experiencers, Editor Lu roughly regards Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses as three types of headphones: "commuting headphones", "business headphones", and "office headphones", and selected some creators' experiences to share with you:

🪄 Commuting headphones
Editor Lu believes that most people who use Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses will definitely feel the charm of the product at work. You can use the product on public transportation such as high-speed rail, train or MRT. Not only can you listen to the train arrival announcement, You can also listen to the music you want to listen to and become a calm and comfortable office worker, just rely on Magic Palm.

>> The preferred headphone for commuting/office: Alley teacher’s five-star praise

🪄 Business headphones
In addition to commuting office workers, many business personnel who need to go out to meet customers cannot miss Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses. Whether they are driving to visit customers or taking public transportation, sometimes they need to conduct conference calls on the road. Generally, Once the Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth headset runs out of power, you need to hold the device to make calls. At this time, if you have a pair of Bluetooth glasses, when the power is about to run out, follow the earphone prompts to replace the battery. Can you go to a meeting anywhere? Here I would like to share that Nana, a blogger who often talks to customers on the phone, uses Magic Palm to perfectly solve her headphone troubles.

>> Are the headphones picking at your ears? What to do if conference calls keep coming: Nana’s experience

🪄 Office headphones
If you think that Bluetooth glasses are only suitable for use when running around, you are totally wrong! In addition to carrying products when going on business trips, Editor Lu also uses Bluetooth glasses when working in the office. Therefore, when inviting IG creators, I found a lot of slash creators, many of whom are workers who need to go to work on a daily basis. Let’s see how everyone uses it at work!

>> Is the sound of your colleague’s keyboard typing annoying? Accountant’s Five Fish Goodies Sharing

>> A good partner for working from home: live broadcast host Shaney’s work application

Through the sharing of the above people, you can feel that Magic Palm products are very suitable for work, whether in the office or at home, but what about after get off work? When we get off work, it is the most tiring time of the day. We always need to watch TV series, listen to music, etc. to relax. When we can't do without "headphones" all day long, continuing to use Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses is the best choice.

Bluetooth Glasses Full Life Experience

A while ago, Editor Lu had the honor to participate in an interview session with amateurs invited by the company. The interviewee once mentioned that in order to look good at work, he always uses contact lenses, and because using contact lenses during work makes the eyes more tired, once after work, , can’t wait to wear glasses. If they can listen to music while wearing glasses, it fully meets their needs. Therefore, Editor Lu also found several creators to apply Bluetooth glasses to their daily lives. Perhaps you will find that their feelings match your needs.

>> Wilson Advertising Director’s Daily Life: Using the Full Range of Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses

>> A more convenient life: artist izzythewildland’s usage experience

>> Working women after get off work: Xiaoxia’s mother’s experience sharing

Whether you are at work or off work, Bluetooth glasses are glasses suitable for "everyone". As long as you have the need for glasses, you may wish to consider adding Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses to your shopping list. If you are lucky enough to not need them at the moment, When it comes to glasses, Editor Lu will still recommend our sunglasses and sportswear to you. After all, the sun may be too dazzling during outdoor activities. Having sports glasses and sunglasses with good light-blocking effect are all necessary for life. In this case , why not directly improve the texture and get "glasses with sound"!


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