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Customized Bluetooth Glasses, No Restrictions On Glasses Styles!

Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses break the limitations of existing Bluetooth glasses frame shapes and obtain two exclusive patents for "Bluetooth temple grafting" and "magnetic battery".

Wireless Earphone Glasses - Multiple Customized Grafting

Wireless earphone temples

Grafting commercially available glasses onto the temples of wireless earphones means combining glasses with Bluetooth earphones, making the product suitable for various daily needs, freeing the ears and simplifying life.

Feature of product

• No restrictions on frame shape: 90% of commercially available glasses can be grafted.

• 24-hour non-stop power supply: No need to worry about taking off the glasses for a long time to charge, just replace the battery and charge.

• Directional speaker design: accurately conveys sound to your ears so that others cannot hear it.

• Reduce the chance of hearing damage: Adopt an open earphone design to solve the crisis of earphone hearing loss.

➝ Further reading:What are open-back headphones? It is recommended to follow the expert’s approach to purchase, and the sound leakage problem will no longer bother you!

Customized Bluetooth Glasses Practical Sharing

I am using anti-blue light bluetooth glasses because I spent a lot of time writing and making videos, pictures, and text on my computer ...


When watching dramas and listening to music, you need to prepare Bluetooth headphones. Although it is very convenient, it still...


What I like most is that they use an #exclusive patented magnetic battery. In addition to #24 hours of uninterruptible power, it can also...


Customized Bluetooth Glasses Service Points

Every pair of glasses is made with care, so you can go to Retail Store with peace of mind.

Complete your exclusive glasses in five easy steps!

Grafting process

• Assembling the mold: Assembling the die set
• Measure size: Measure and determine the grafting position
• Cutting and stamping: cut and stamp the excess temple legs
• Grafting temples: Assembling Wireless Earphone Glasses
• Finished product testing: After the product test is OK, you will immediately have your own customized Bluetooth glasses.

You only need to be responsible for choosing glasses, and the professional team will graft them for you

Frequently Asked Questions about Customized Bluetooth Glasses

Q: If worn as daily myopia glasses for a whole day, will the VENOUS wireless earphone temples automatically enter standby mode? Can they answer calls?
A: If the connected device is not used for any audio activity (such as talking, listening to music) for more than three minutes, the VENOUS wireless headset lens will enter the standby state; when a call comes in, it will automatically connect. You can press the lens to The round button on the foot directly answers calls.

Q: How to replace the battery?
A: The temples of VENOUS wireless earphones are all magnetic electromagnetic. Take out the exhausted battery directly from the temple position and put in the fully charged battery according to the +/- instructions.

Q: Can I bring my existing glasses to attach the temples of VENOUS wireless headphones?
A: VENOUS wireless headphone temples can basically be grafted to any style of glasses. Except for special materials, they cannot be grafted. If you want to further confirm whether they can be grafted, you can bring your glasses to the store and confirm with the store clerk before grafting.

Q: How to turn on the VENOUS wireless earphones?
A: When you put on VENOUS related products, they will automatically turn on. After putting them on, turn on the device you want to connect to and perform Bluetooth settings. For example: turn on Bluetooth on your phone and select [Air-Bugle] to connect. When you hear Connected, it means the connection is successful.

➝Extended  reading : How to use Bluetooth headsets? Simple 3-step pairing and quick connection tips are here!

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