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What are open-back headphones?

In this 3C era, one mobile phone is no longer enough for everyone, and Bluetooth headsets must be paired with them to become a standard feature in daily life. With the advancement of technology, there are many types of headphones, from closed to open headphones, from wired to wireless, each with its own characteristics. Among them, open-back headphones are favored by many music lovers because of their unique listening experience. Open-back headphones not only provide more natural, transparent sound, but also create a wider soundstage, making the listening experience more immersive and realistic. If you still don’t know how to choose open-back headphones, then follow the recommendations in this article to buy them!

What Are Open-back Headphones? What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages?

Since the birth of Bluetooth headsets, people's demand for headphones has grown significantly. No matter where you go, headphones are always with you, but closed-back headphones will always have some shortcomings when worn for a long time, prompting the emergence of open-back headphones to solve the problem. Its three major advantages are as follows:

1. Ears are ventilated and comfortable

Wearing headphones has become a daily habit, but the moment you take them off, your ears can feel the breathable comfort. Because wearing headphones will stuffy the ears for a long time, the ear canal will become stuffy and wet easily. Therefore, there will always be "surprise" objects on the earphones, so the "junk" brought by the ear canals needs to be cleaned regularly.

2. Transparency mode

Traditional closed-back headphones, because they cover the ears, are always unable to directly monitor ambient sounds, leading to the emergence of "indifferent people". Because everyone is always immersed in their own world, they ignore the people and things around them, and even forget to get off the bus or train at the station. It has been reported in the news that some passengers did not hear the announcement that the bus had arrived because they were wearing earphones, and they loudly scolded the driver for not stopping at the stop; but with open earphones, any sound from the outside world can be absorbed into the ears, and then There is no need to worry about sitting or standing.

3. Broad sound field

This feels amazing! When you first come into contact with open-back headphones, you will think that your phone is turning on the amplification, and you will not feel that the sound is coming from the headphones at all. You need to confirm it with your friends again and again, and you can't go back after using it.

Maybe after reading the above three points, you still can’t imagine what kind of black technology open-back headphones are? To put it bluntly, they are "headphones with holes." The open-back headphones currently on the market usually "not completely block" the ears, allowing your ears to have room to breathe. Although open-back headphones currently solve a lot of problems for headphone owners, you should also pay attention to two possible shortcomings:

1. The outside world is too noisy

In this noisy world, there are many disturbing sounds that can be blocked. But if you use open-back headphones, you can't completely isolate the outside sound, you can only force it to receive it all. Perhaps this will be troublesome to some people who hate outside noise.

2. Sound leakage problem

Since the earphones do not completely contact the ears, the sound itself will expand outwards, and bone conduction earphones are the best representative of this problem. Bone conduction headphones use bone vibrations to transmit sound and require larger sound waves to hear clearly. Therefore, after purchasing this type of headphones, many consumers expressed the need to turn the sound to the maximum, causing the sound leakage problem to become more serious.

Introduction To Open-back Headphones

Up to now, open-back headphones are springing up one after another. Without considering bone conduction, Editor Lu will introduce several different open-back headphones:


Headphone Categories

Headphone Type




These headphones are typically similar to commercially available sports headphones and clip onto your ears or near your glasses. This type of headphones is more mature and less likely to fall off than other styles. It is also the type more commonly used by the public.


The concept of the earhook type is to hang the earphones above the ears, but at this time, people with glasses will feel that the product is unfriendly. After all, the home of glasses has a new neighbor, which is very crowded. In terms of the concept of Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses, the product is similar to ear-hook headphones, except that under the concept that the product itself is glasses, we directly combine the Bluetooth headphones with the glasses and use the temples as Bluetooth headphones. When you put on your glasses, your Bluetooth headset will also be activated!


Ear bone type

This is a newly launched new form of earphones. It mainly fits the concha cavity and the concha membrane to prevent the earphones from falling off. Since the earphones themselves do not invade the ear canal, but still cover the ears, they are semi-open earphones.

Ring type

It's a small one that only slightly blocks the ear. The concept is similar to ear bone earphones. However, the middle of the earphones is hollow, allowing the ears to have room to breathe. The overall appearance is light and easy to wear. However, because the product is so lightweight, I always worry about falling without realizing it.

Over-ear type

If you have high requirements for sound quality, you usually like to wear over-ear headphones. Because these types of headphones completely cover the ears, they cannot be truly open. The current method of headphones on the market is to make part of the periphery of the earmuffs transparent, usually in a mesh shape.

Comparison Of The Differences Between Open-back VS Closed-back VS Semi-open-back Headphones

Seeing this, don’t you think there are too many types of open-back headphones? How to choose? The following editor will help you sort out the differences between various types of headphones, so that you can better understand which type of headphones is suitable for you:






Wrap the sound driver so that the sound cannot come out.

The earphones do not fit your ears completely, or there are holes in the earphones that allow sound to escape.

The contact area with the ear is not large, and the sound transmission is based on the principle of "directionality".


  • Headphone sound cannot be heard by the outside world.
  • It has physical noise reduction.
  • Clear sound quality.

Since it combines the concepts of closed and open headphones, it has the advantages and disadvantages of both sides, but it is not the ultimate.

  • Can monitor ambient sounds for improved safety.
  • No burden on the ears and less prone to fatigue.
  • Provides more natural, open sound quality.


  • Ears are prone to inflammation or air tightness.
  • Unable to monitor ambient sound.
  • Risk of hearing loss due to long-term use.
  • Possible sound leakage problem.
  • Bass that lacks depth.
  • If the outside sound is too noisy, it will be disturbed.

Applicable Scene

Suitable for environments where you need to listen to music in a noisy environment or where you need to focus on work.

Suitable for when you need to hear some external sounds, or want to pursue balanced sound quality.

Suitable for listening to music indoors and in a quiet environment, not suitable for noisy occasions that require sound insulation, such as on the subway or on an airplane.


Further reading:2024 Transparency Mode Headphones Recommendation

What Are The Key Points When Choosing Open-back Headphones?

Maybe after seeing this, you also want to buy a pair of open-back headphones, so how should you choose them? You can focus on the following 3 points when choosing, so that you can easily have comfortable open-back headphones!

1. Headphones falling off problem

Currently, all headphones on the market have achieved lightweight technology, but because the headphones are too lightweight, they may easily fall off when worn. It is recommended that when purchasing, you can first check the relevant reviews of other users to see if it is stable and will not fall off as stated on the official website, or go to a physical store for a wearing experience to ensure that your ear shape is suitable for your favorite open headphones. Only by experiencing it yourself can you know whether the product is suitable for you!

2. Sound transmission method

Most people think of open-back headphones as "bone conduction headphones." However, most reviews of bone conduction headphones are not as good as "air conduction headphones". Therefore, it is recommended that everyone confirm before buying, what kind of open-back headphones are they buying? If you want to know more about the transmission method, you can also refer to "What is the principle of air conduction headphones?" The advantages and disadvantages of using it are disclosed, and the super practical headphones are recommended to you! ” article.

3. Security issues

Although it is the last point, it is also the most important point! Due to the wide distribution channels of headphones, some headphones can even be purchased super cheap, but did you know? In fact, electronic products need to be certified, and certified electronic products will be safer to use. For example, Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses have obtained domestic NCC and BSMI certification. As for why we need to pass these two tests, it is mainly because NCC mainly tests "wireless" related products, while BSMI tests product safety.

Open-back Headphones Recommended

In fact, there is no good or bad quality between closed-back and open-back headphones, it’s just a question of whether they fit or not. It is recommended that you consider which glasses are suitable for your needs. If you are a commuter or business person, because the environment you are in is constantly changing, Editor Lu would recommend using open-back headphones; because there will always be a boss or colleague calling you at work, and your ears will feel uncomfortable if you wear them for 8 hours a day. .

Open-back headphones not only liberate your ears, but also allow you to communicate with colleagues calmly while listening to music. Is it worth trying? Next, Editor Lu will introduce the recommended open-back headphones in detail!

Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses

Wearing Comfort

Since the product itself is glasses, the back ends of the original temples are replaced with "Wireless Earphone Glasses". Therefore, in terms of comfort, wearing the glasses for a long time will not cause any discomfort to the ears, and there is no need to clean any "gifts" from the ears.

Barrier-free Communication

That's right! Wearing glasses can make calls, hold meetings, etc. Since it is an open-back headset, the outside sound is naturally "obvious". There is no sound that cannot be heard, only whether you are willing to listen to it or not.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of open-back headphones is generally superior. The only drawback is that the bass transmission effect is worse than that of closed-back headphones. However, using Bluetooth glasses, the performance of musical instruments has good detail, the overall sound field and range are excellent, and the low-frequency performance is appropriate, comfortable and flexible. The low frequency is not too heavy, causing the sound to be muddy, and the human voice has soft and warm qualities.


Bluetooth headsets currently on the market have battery life issues. As long as the headset is out of power, it needs to be taken off to charge. Generally, rechargeable batteries will have lower battery life as the number of charges increases. The Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses themselves use "magnetic batteries". As long as the Wireless Earphone Glasses are out of power, you can continue to use them by replacing the batteries. Even if the battery life is too low, you can choose to purchase a Magic Palm charging set and replace the battery.

Commercial Open-back Headphones VS Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses

Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses Usage Scenario

Life and leisure

Business meeting


Want to enjoy music during your busy workday without missing any important notifications?
Learn more about Bluetooth glasses that combine fashion and technology.

>> A Must-have Bluetooth Glasses for Business People and Office Workers

Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses Service Features

1. Peace of mind: We are not a single professional team, but composed of countless top teams from the industry. You can go to the Service Base to find VENOUS partners for professional optician services.

2. Diligence: We continue to optimize our products and strive to make excellent products even better.

3. Intimate: Customers who purchase Bluetooth glasses are entitled to a 12-month warranty. In addition, if you perform "Product Warranty Login" after purchase, you will receive an additional 6-month extended warranty.