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What Is The Principle Of Air Conduction Headphones?

Have you ever heard of "air conduction headphones"? In the past, whenever Bian Lu wore open-back headphones, his friends would always ask curiously: "Wouldn't it be uncomfortable to use bone conduction headphones?" At this time, Bian Lu had to explain in detail that the products he used were not bone conduction headphones. conduction, but "air conduction" headphones. Many people always don’t understand. Don’t they know the difference between air conduction headphones and bone conduction headphones? Don’t even understand the benefits of air conduction headphones? If you also have the same questions, you might as well learn about it through this article!

What Is The Principle of Air Conduction Headphones?

Basically, the sound transmission principle of air conduction headphones is no different from the traditional headphones in our impression. Mainly by converting sound into vibrations of different frequencies, and then through air conduction, the ear canal through the eardrum, through the auditory ossicles and cochlea, and finally transmitted to our auditory nerve.

Since air conduction headphones use traditional diaphragms to produce sound, the sound quality is better in terms of listening effect. Therefore, when people use air conduction headphones, most people pursue enjoying high volume and completely immersing themselves in the world of music. However, this may cause potential risks to hearing in the long run.

Introduction to Air Conduction VS Bone Conduction Headphones

👉 Open air conduction headphones


"Open air conduction headphones" not only have the "transparency mode" of bone conduction headphones, but also inherit the "excellent sound quality" of traditional air conduction headphones. But at this time, a new problem arises. Traditional air conduction headphones are mostly closed-type, so the headphones can be easily stuck in the ears, but how to wear open-type headphones?


Therefore, there are various types of "open air conduction headphones" currently on the market, such as earhook type, concha type, ring type, etc. This makes Bian Lu feel that earphones are like girls' earrings. If you don't want to have your ears pierced, you have to look for hook-type or clip-type earrings, but you still want to be comfortable to wear. Is there such a perfect thing?


The answer is yes! After years of research and development, VENOUS launched "Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses", which combines Bluetooth headsets with ordinary glasses and becomes the best product to solve various problems in the headphone industry. Because in the world of Bluetooth headphones, the headphones must be related to the ears, but when we wear glasses every day, we also place the temples above the ears. If the temples above the ears can become headphones, wouldn't all problems be solved? .

Therefore, the "Wireless Earphone Glasses" featured in Bluetooth glasses are completely open air conduction headphones, and your ears will no longer have all kinds of troubles and discomforts. Since bone conduction headphones cannot completely solve the problems of existing headphones, air conduction headphones are still the favorite of the public.

👉 Bone conduction headphones

The so-called "bone conduction headphones" use "bones" as the transmission medium. The vibrations emitted by the headphones are directly transmitted to the cochlea through the bones and then to the auditory nerve of the human body. Therefore, sound is equivalent to being transmitted directly to the auditory nerve through the bones. This has led many manufacturers to always emphasize "reducing potential hearing risks" and "transparency mode" when launching related products. But are such headphones really perfect?

Just after the advent of bone conduction headphones, many netizens have included them in their shopping lists. However, after actual use, various shortcomings of bone conduction headphones have appeared on the Internet, such as: significantly poor sound quality, serious sound leakage, etc. Some netizens even pointed out that when using bone conduction headphones, the bones near their ears will be numb when the volume is high, making it more uncomfortable? As for whether it reduces hearing risk? If we deduce it based on principles, it is possible!

However, according to consumers’ actual experience, “The sound leakage is too serious and the sound always needs to be turned to the maximum, which may still cause damage to the ears in the long run.

Air Conduction Headphones VS Bone Conduction Headphones


Bone conduction headphones

Traditional air conduction headphones

Conduction Technology

The vibrations from the headphones are directly transmitted to the ears through the temporal bones
cochlear and then to the auditory nerve.

It converts sound into vibrations of different frequencies, which are conducted through the air, through the ear canal, through the tympanic membrane, then through the auditory ossicles and cochlea, and finally transmitted to the auditory nerve.


You can monitor ambient sounds and pay attention to surrounding safety.

Better sound quality


1. Sound leakage occurs and the sound quality is poor.

2. Not friendly to people with glasses.

3. There is still a chance of hearing damage.

4. Excessive sound may cause vibration, numbness and other usage conditions.


1. Pick-up type, easy to fall off.

2. Long-term use may cause hearing damage.

Applicable groups

Commuters and sports people.

Those who pursue sound quality and love to immerse themselves in the world of music.

Common QA for Air Conduction Headphones

Q1. Bone conduction headphones have serious sound leakage problems. Don’t open air conduction headphones not have this problem?

Since the sound transmission itself is "directional", the sound leakage of open air conduction headphones is less serious. Take Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses as an example. The product itself uses V+ (directional conduction) technology to transmit sound from under the temples directly to your ears.


Editor Lu once tested this product himself. When the volume was adjusted to about 65%, the outside world still could not hear the sound. If the volume was adjusted to 100%, the sound he heard would be very loud, but what the outside world heard was the sound transmitted from the headphones. The buzzing sound coming out makes it impossible to clearly understand what is being played on your headphones.

-> Further reading:What are open-back headphones? 


Q2. When should open air conduction headphones be used?

Traditional air conduction headphones are usually used by people who pursue sound quality; bone conduction headphones are mostly used by commuters and sports people; and open air conduction headphones combine these two groups, so they are suitable for a wider range of people. Especially for office workers, when using open-type air conduction headphones, you don’t have to worry about not being able to hear calls from colleagues. When commuting, you don’t have to worry about missing the train announcement and passing the station. It also has the function of answering calls. It can be said to be a good helper that can be used anytime and anywhere!

-> Further reading:Wearing Headphones at Work Looks Bad And Hurts Your Ears?


Q3. It seems that open air conduction headphones are the current trend. What should you pay attention to if you want to buy them?

The market for open-type air conduction headphones currently on the market is still immature. Some malicious manufacturers will confuse bone conduction with open air conduction headphones, so be sure to make sure the product label is correct before purchasing. You can check the product reviews online. In addition, it should be noted that many headphones on the market have not passed relevant tests and certifications. You must confirm the safety of the product before purchasing. If you want to know more about how to choose high-quality headphones, you can refer to《 What You Must Know About the Safety of Headphones!》.


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Recommended Air Conduction Headphones

< Magic Palm Bluetooth Headset/Glasses Recommendation>

👍 Product Features

No limit on frame shape: Original Bluetooth grafting technology, whether it is a metal frame or a plastic frame, it can be grafted.


Hidden device: The device is grafted onto the temples, so you don’t have to worry about being seen when wearing it, and it doesn’t affect your personal taste.


V+ technology (directional conduction): Apply the directional characteristics of sound itself to product technology, allowing the sound to reach your ears directly without obvious sound leakage.


One button to do it all: There is a button on the left and right sides of the temples, through which you can answer calls, change songs, adjust the volume...multi-functions.

VENOUS takes you into technology and specially designed "Glasses With Sound" so that you can have conversations at any time without fear of external interference. And you no longer have to worry about the earphones falling off, just put on the glasses and the sound will follow. If you also want to experience this enjoyable high-tech experience, then go to the official website to choose a pair of Bluetooth glasses that suits you!

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