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Wearing Headphones At Work Looks Bad and Hurts Your Ears? 

Worried about wearing headphones at work and not looking good? As life becomes more and more convenient, have you also begun to pursue the quality of life? Especially as Generation Z, we have been accustomed to the company of Bluetooth headsets when we were in school. However, after entering the workplace, we are always worried about being discovered by our boss when we wear headphones. In major forums and communities, young people often discuss their opinions on wearing headphones at work. The following editor has sorted out the advantages and disadvantages based on discussions among netizens. I hope it will be helpful to you who are reading this article, or you can persuade your boss to let us wear headphones at work.

Does It Feel Bad To Wear Headphones At Work?
Myth Busting and Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages

Maybe you will be troubled by the behavior of headphone users, but now social communication is so convenient. When you see a colleague wearing headphones, you just need to use social software to send a message to your colleague, and your colleague will reply after seeing the message. Naturally, he is not wearing headphones. I no longer feel close to people.


1. Focus on work

Typically a built-in microphone is used to capture surrounding sounds, which are then mixed into the headphone audio.

2. Take conference calls calmly

When a conference call is needed, if you are not wearing headphones, you have to use a handheld method, or you have to rush to find headphones at the moment; if the meeting lasts for a long time, you will face hand fatigue when holding the conference, and sometimes you even need to record the content at the same time. At this time, you will feel that if you were wearing headphones, you would definitely be able to face it calmly.。

3. Not to be disturbed by colleagues

When you wear headphones, others will think that you don't want to be disturbed, and external factors will be reduced, which will help you stay focused on your work and successfully complete the tasks assigned by your supervisor.



1. Cause ear fatigue

If you don’t take off your headphones during the eight-hour workday, long-term wearing will have a certain burden and impact on your ears. Therefore, it is recommended to take off your headphones regularly for a period of time to avoid excessive ear fatigue.

2. Influence social interaction and teamwork

When you wear headphones to work, you put them into both ears, and sometimes you even turn on the noise reduction mode, which blocks your communication with your colleagues and may have some impact on the overall working atmosphere. Wearing headphones at this time is not a good choice.

The above mentioned two points about the shortcomings of wearing headphones at work. The following suggestions are provided for solutions to these two points, so that you can face your boss perfectly!


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Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Headphones At Work! 2 Smart Ways To Wear Headphones

1. Take turns wearing headphones left and right

First of all, regarding the impact of wearing headphones on hearing, the most common solution is to take turns wearing them left and right. In fact, Editor Lu is also of this school. Although he cannot enjoy the joy of binaural sound, at least his ears have time to rest, and it also solves the problem of communicating with colleagues.


2. Choose transparent mode/open-back headphones

In addition, regarding the problem of not being able to hear what others are saying, there is another way to do it, which is to directly purchase "open-back headphones" when purchasing headphones, or choose headphones with "transparency mode" or "ambient sound mode". The former is because the product itself is not in-ear, so when using headphones, you can still hear external ambient sounds, while the latter is controlled through the electronic components inside the headphones.

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Smart Bluetooth Glasses | Business Bluetooth Headset Recommendations


Going to work is tiring, and our eyes are even more tired. Taking good care of our eyes has become a compulsory topic for office workers. "Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses are a product specially designed for office workers. Instead of wearing hidden lenses to stare at the screen at work, it is better to choose glasses with anti-blue light lenses, which are more eye-friendly. The Magic Palm series launched by VENOUS , focusing on the "open headphone" design, which can free your ears while using Bluetooth headphones.

Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses

As time goes by, the convenience of Bluetooth headsets is not only experienced by young people. When Editor Lu used to work, he saw his supervisor wearing headphones to work, so what reason did he have for not wearing headphones? Now, Editor Lu's boss encourages us to wear his own products. On the one hand, he is the best product test subject, and the "Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses" are a must-have product for office workers!


  • Comfortable wearing feeling: As an office worker, you usually need to use headphones for a long time, so comfort becomes a very important consideration when choosing headphones. The Bluetooth glasses themselves put the headphones part into the temples and do not directly enter the ears. It has a weighted design and is comfortable to wear without any burden.
  • Excellent sound quality: In addition to listening to music on a daily basis, clear sound quality transmission is also very important when participating in video conferences. The Magic Palm has a bright and clear sound, and the microphone has a noise reduction function and high resolution, allowing you to listen to music and talk on the phone. can satisfy.
  • Convenience: There is no obvious difference between smart Bluetooth glasses and ordinary traditional glasses. They can be worn for a long time. While they have the function of Bluetooth headsets, they also solve the pain point of earphones easily disappearing. They can be used in offices, conference rooms, and even on business trips.
  • No need to wait for charging time: Generally, Bluetooth headsets must be taken off when they are out of power. Magic Palm only needs to "replace" the battery through the magnetic lithium battery, and place the replaced battery in the charging compartment for charging (the charging compartment itself No power), so you don’t have to face the trouble when the headphones are out of power.

Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses Q&A

Q1: In what situations can the product be used?

Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses are waterproof to the IPX4 level. In addition to water activities, they are suitable for any situation and there is no need to replace headphones with different characteristics. In addition to listening to music, there is a button on each left and right temple, which can be connected to the phone with one click for video conferencing, which is convenient at any time.

Q2: Can music be played on both sides at the same time? Do I need to connect Bluetooth twice?

The product itself is a "true Bluetooth" device. It requires only one Bluetooth pairing between the two temples and provides a two-channel sound experience. If you want to play music on only one side, you can remove the battery on one side and leave only the side you want to listen to. That’s it.

Q3: Can I share one ear with others like a Bluetooth headset?

The product body is glasses, and the single earphone cannot be taken off for sharing. If you are in a quiet environment, you can turn up the volume and invite friends to come closer, and you may have a chance to listen together.

Wearing headphones at work is no longer embarrassing! We will consider many factors when choosing headphones, and Life Smart Glasses will help you consider them. Not only suitable for use at work, the Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses series also provides "Bluetooth sunglasses", "Bluetooth sports glasses" and other options, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of music and calls in any occasion. If you want to know more, go to Business headphones that free your ears, a must-have Bluetooth glasses for office workers.