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How to Use Bluetooth Headsets?

"How to use Bluetooth headsets?" This is one of the questions often asked by many friends who are new to Bluetooth headsets. In this era of rapid technological advancement, Bluetooth headsets have become an important accessory in our lives. Whether it is commuting, sports or leisure and entertainment, we cannot do without this compact and powerful device. But for many people, using Bluetooth headsets for the first time may feel a little confusing, but don’t worry, it’s actually not difficult to learn to use Bluetooth headsets. Just learn the 3 simple steps of pairing, and you can start a relaxing and fun Bluetooth headset journey together!

How To Use Bluetooth Headsets? What Should I Pay Attention To Before Connecting?

The era of everyone having a pair of Bluetooth headsets has arrived, but every time you change to a pair of Bluetooth headsets from a different brand, there will still be a transition period. Therefore, it is recommended that when switching to a new Bluetooth headset, you should pay attention to the following 6 key points:

1. Surrounding signal interference

Before pairing, try to find a sparsely populated place, such as a home, bedroom, etc., to avoid signal confusion caused by other people using other Bluetooth devices and thus affecting the device connection effect.

2. Distance restrictions

Normally Bluetooth device connections are limited by signal strength. Therefore, try to do it within 10 meters. The closer the connecting devices are, the easier it is to connect successfully.

3. Full charge

After using for a period of time, the battery needs to be recharged when the battery power is low. Try to avoid using the product until it runs out of power before recharging it, and avoid overcharging the headset, as both may damage the battery life of the Bluetooth headset. Usually, Bluetooth headsets have a matching APP that can check the current battery level. If there is no matching APP, you can also check whether the mobile phone system device has displayed the battery level (As shown in the picture below, the Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses are connected).

4. Store correctly

High temperature and humid environments may have adverse effects on electronic components and reduce the performance of headphones. Therefore, avoid exposing your Bluetooth headphones to extremes of temperature or humidity, and when not in use, place your Bluetooth headphones in a suitable storage box or bag to protect them from physical damage and dust. To extend its lifespan.

5. Cleaning and maintenance

Using Bluetooth headsets for a long time may accumulate earwax, dust and dirt. In addition to affecting the sound quality and appearance, these may also cause ear discomfort. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the earphones regularly and gently wipe the earphones and grid with a soft cloth and a small amount of warm water to ensure that the earphones remain clean. And avoid using too much moisture or chemical cleaners to avoid damaging internal electronic components.

Although there is no need to worry about earwax problems with Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses, dust and other problems may still occur after long-term use. Therefore, it is recommended to wipe and clean them regularly (do not throw the entire pair of glasses into the ultrasonic glasses cleaning machine), or use Magic Palm Natural Formula Lens Cleaner for cleaning. Of course, if the lens has a special coating, you must use a cleaning cloth and detergent specifically designed for glasses to wipe the lens regularly. And avoid using rough paper towels or clothing to avoid scratching the lens and damaging the coating.

6. Application updates

Regularly check whether the manufacturer has provided software updates, which often include performance improvements and bug fixes to keep your Bluetooth headsets up to date.

3 Steps For Bluetooth Headset Pairing, Learn How To Use It Without Asking!

Since it may take more time to set up a Bluetooth headset connection for the first time, it is recommended to "charge" the product to a fully charged state before starting the connection. Secondly, sometimes new Bluetooth devices may not be able to connect because they are currently connected to other Bluetooth headsets; or when Bluetooth detection is turned on, other products will be directly connected first because they have previous connection records. Therefore, before connecting to a Bluetooth headset, you need to turn off other devices or choose to clear the connection to avoid being unable to connect.

Basically, as long as the above preparatory work is completed, you can use the following simple 3 steps to start connecting to Bluetooth headsets:

➡️ STEP1. Turn on the product

Some Bluetooth headsets or charging compartments have a power button that needs to be pressed to light up the indicator light to turn on. But most products are like Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses. You only need to wear the Bluetooth product, and the product itself will automatically detect that you want to use the product and turn it on automatically.


➡️ STEP2. Turn on Bluetooth connection

After the Bluetooth headset is turned on and the Bluetooth connection is turned on, the device will automatically perform Bluetooth wireless detection. Normally, all powered-on Bluetooth devices in the surrounding area will be detected. Select the Bluetooth headset currently to be connected to connect. The successful connection screen will display "Connected" next to the item.


➡️ STEP3. Pairing successful, automatic connection next time

Now, you can use Bluetooth headphones to play music and answer calls. If the product has a related application, you can download it and use it (Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses do not have a matching application). The next time the product is turned on and the device's Bluetooth detection is turned on, they will automatically connect to each other. If there is no direct connection, just click on the name of the Bluetooth device that was connected last time to complete the pairing.

Common QA for Bluetooth Headsets

Q1. The Bluetooth headset cannot be paired successfully or is disconnected after being connected?

If the above two situations occur, it is recommended to disconnect the Bluetooth headset first, clear the connection record of the device, and then reconnect and pair the Bluetooth headset according to the first pairing method.

Q2. Is the product silent on one side?

First, you can first confirm whether the product has "unilateral mode", which means it only has sound on one side. This setting can be cancelled. If the reason is not the above, you can adopt the following solutions: first clear the device's connection record, and then pair again. For VENOUS lifestyle smart glasses, there is no unilateral mode. If you want to use a unilateral earphone to play music, you only need to take off the battery on the other side; if the batteries are placed on both sides and there is no sound on one side after being connected, you can also use Disconnect the device and reconnect.

Q3. There is noise or noise in the earphones, or the buttons on the earphones are not sensitive?

This situation is relatively rare. If you have completed the above-mentioned troubleshooting methods and still have noise or noise problems with your Bluetooth headset, you can check whether the APP you are currently using may cause this impact. It is recommended to exclude applications one by one. If it is determined to be caused by a certain application, you can update the application to see if the current problem can be eliminated. (you can also check whether the original APP that the Bluetooth headset is paired with has other settings. )

There is another possibility that the Bluetooth headset connection signal is unstable or interfered with by other devices. Therefore, you can try to move to another location for testing. If after all the above problems are eliminated, noise, noise and other problems still occur, it will be recommended to directly ask the customer service staff of the product manufacturer!

Bluetooth Headset Recommendations

👉 Operation  Process

STEP 1. Charge

The product battery is charged first, and the green light on the charging compartment means it is fully charged.

STEP 2. Start Up

Install the battery and put it on, you will hear the power-on prompt.

STEP 3. Device Pairing

For first-time wearers, select [ Magic Palm ] on the Bluetooth device on your phone to start pairing. A prompt will sound if pairing is successful.

STEP 4. Get Started

👉 Experience Sharing

If you are still asking: How to use Bluetooth headsets, you might as well go directly to VENOUS and choose a pair of Bluetooth glasses, which will allow you to easily free your ears and enjoy the beauty of life's moments.