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2024 Glasses Style Recommendations To Highlight Style

Did you know that choosing the right style of glasses can modify your face shape? For Editor Lu, glasses are not only a daily necessity, but also an important element of fashion. Some people will look more energetic after wearing glasses, and matching the outfit can also make the overall look more sophisticated, whether it is Of course, the glasses that boys and girls wear every day must be carefully selected. Now follow Editor Lu’s footsteps to learn about various glasses styles, so that you can have more fashion changes and show your personal style!

Which Glasses Style is Suitable for Your Face Shape?

Every eyewear store has basic styles. Although the design is relatively popular, as long as you choose according to your face shape, you will look handsome and beautiful when you wear them, and the error rate is relatively low. The following introduces several basic eyewear styles commonly seen in eyewear stores, but do you know? These basic styles are also increasingly "micro-deformed", so that you are no longer limited by rigid frame shapes. Slight changes in the frame can make you more and more stylish.

1. Square frame

This is one of the common styles in eyeglass stores. Most advice is not to wear square glasses if you have a square face. The face will look squarer. However, many frame styles are now redesigned in a square shape, such as half-rim, traveler, etc. (trapezoid), Wellington (inverted trapezoid) and other frame shapes are designed to break the established impression of square glasses and make the layering richer. Maybe you are curious, what will this slightly modified frame really look like? Bad? Editor Lu tells you, the answer is yes. When the originally rigid square glasses are adjusted to a trapezoid shape, they visually modify the shape of the face, so the feeling of wearing them will be completely different.

2. Round frames

Round frame glasses are usually loved by girls, as they can give people a youthful and cute look. Usually, as long as you are a cute girl, you can handle them, but Lu Bian does not fall into this category, so you can only bear to stay away. In addition to the established styles in everyone's mind, the styles of round frames also have innovative designs, such as Boston frames and drop-shaped frames. This type of glasses is easier to control than traditional round frames. After all, it is suitable for friends with rounder faces. Generally speaking, the frame is not so round, but it has a scholarly atmosphere.

3. Rimless glasses

Rimless glasses are one of the classic frames. The rimless design can reduce the weight of the glasses themselves, make them more comfortable to wear for a long time, and provide a wider field of vision than rimmed glasses. And rimless glasses are less likely to interfere with the face shape or obscure makeup, and can show off the wearer's natural beauty. If you are worried that rimless glasses may look a bit old-fashioned, you can adjust them by choosing the appropriate lens shape, size and color. For example, fashionable large oval lenses and metallic colors are actually very suitable for young men and women to try. The only thing to note is that there is no frame protection on the edge of the lens, so you need to be extra careful when wearing it to avoid lens damage.

After reading the introduction of the three basic glasses styles, maybe you haven’t made up your mind yet which type of glasses you want to choose. Here are some different suggestions. Regarding the matching of skin color and frame color, try to make the two complementary. If you are For people with average skin color, it is recommended to choose gold glasses; for people with fairer skin, you can choose light colors such as silver and transparent colors; for people with darker skin, you can choose low-key colors, such as iron gray. If you are like Editor Lu and like to challenge more unique styles and pursue the uniqueness of your own outfits, then I will share three more special eyewear styles below. You can be more bold in choosing glasses and wear them to your own taste!

3 Glasses Style Selection Suggestions

1. Geometry & Irregularity

This type of glasses is very attractive to Lu editors. The glasses themselves give people a sense of being uneasy about the world. They are suitable for people who pursue a unique style. If they are worn daily, they may need to worry about being too conspicuous. However, if they are attending parties, dating with friends and going shopping, This is the best time to show yourself! Such unique glasses will definitely be the new darling of the fashion industry in 2024. If you want to be at the forefront of the trend, you'd better get one as soon as possible.

2. Transparent frame type

Recently, transparent and translucent frames have attracted everyone's attention. I also discussed with my colleagues why transparent frames have been so popular recently. Perhaps it is because these types of glasses give people a light and lively feeling. On the other hand, it is because of the design of the frames. , will be matched with different patterns, materials, colors, etc., and even transparent with a metal core, which is a unique and popular style of transparent frame.

3. Trend & Retro

During 2023, you can always see fashion magazines constantly reporting on the trend of "Y2K". It seems that the fever has not subsided in 2024. In addition to the well-known styles such as cat eyes, ovals, and exaggerated large frames, 2023 New color combinations have also been played this year, and color combinations such as dopamine and mallard have attracted attention. As for the popular colors in 2024, according to VOGUE magazine’s prediction, there will be new changes in colors in 2024. Pastel pastel colors will cause a new trend this spring.

Further reading: Bright and saturated colors will no longer be popular in 2024, and will be replaced by "these five colors"

Can Be Grafted To Various Styles Of Glasses: Bluetooth Glasses Recommended

Having introduced so many styles of glasses, are you still thinking, "What kind of glasses are suitable for you?" Or have you followed Editor Lu's footsteps and forgotten about it? In addition to face shape, when choosing glasses, if a certain color looks particularly good when wearing it in daily wear, you might as well try the same color.

If it is just for daily office and daily use, it is recommended to choose glasses that are comfortable to wear, because you may spend a long time in front of the screen during work, and you need durable glasses. It is also recommended to have "anti-blue light" glasses. lens. If you still need to conduct frequent conference calls at work, I suggest you continue reading. Next, Editor Lu will share exclusive Bluetooth glasses!


Magic Palm Bluetooth Glasses

Are customized glasses awesome? Have you heard of "customized Bluetooth glasses"? That’s right, it’s what you think. As long as it’s glasses, they have the opportunity to become “Bluetooth glasses”. VENOUS has spent many years to exclusively develop “graftable” Bluetooth glasses, allowing you to live a simple life with no worries!

Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses adopt an open earphone design, so you no longer have to be embarrassed by earwax on the earphones. Because they are not in direct contact with the ears, it also solves the hearing problems caused by long-term wearing of ordinary earphones. If you are a business person who often needs to hold conference calls, long-term use is often accompanied by frequent charging needs. Magic Palm uses exclusive battery replacement technology so that users do not need to wait for charging, and long-term meetings can go smoothly.


If you have the same problem while driving and need to receive calls but are inconvenient to use the loudspeaker function, Magic Palm eliminates the inconvenience of searching for headphones while driving, making driving safer and more convenient. Finally, the appearance of ordinary earphones cannot satisfy all user ear shapes, and those who easily fall off after wearing earphones have a great chance of being suitable for smart glasses.


Magic Palm Bluetooth glasses can be grafted onto various glasses styles, and the Bluetooth headset function makes the glasses not only glasses, but also good partners that make life more convenient. VENOUS is carefully crafted and carries the insistence on quality. Welcome to visit VENOUS stores to experience the professional services we bring to you.